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Animated Video for Marketing

Supercharge Your Online Presence And Get Noticed

Animated videos are an effective tool for businesses to increase brand awareness and conversion rates by incorporating them into their digital marketing strategy.

What exactly is an explainer  video?

An explainer video is a short video that describes the company's services, products, and processes using animation. The length of an average explainer video ranges from 30 seconds to 3 minutes, depending on the purpose of the video, the placement, and the client's business goals. All you need is to define goals, find a professional video production company, and introduce a completed video to the right audience and in the right place.

Benefits of explainer video marketing

Better ranking on Google

A relevant animated video attracts the visitor’s attention and makes them spend more time on a web page than on average. It lets Google know that your site contains highly valuable content and boosts it in the search results.

Captures your audiences attention

Animation makes the advert look more appealing and eye-catching. It amplifies the power of influence in marketing and advertising due to its ability to grab the user’s attention. An explainer video for network marketing can help brands stand out from the competition and win the customer’s loyalty.

Increases your conversion rates

Adding an immersive explainer video enhances user experience and provides an impressive first-look. 73% of online consumers are more likely to buy a product or service after seeing an engaging explainer video.

Exciting elevator pitch

An animated explainer video can make your elevator speech even more exciting and compelling. An adventurous storyline, stand-out character design, beautiful illustration, and a persuasive script will do wonders with your conversions.

Versatility & Shareability

One of the biggest advantages of the video is its versatility & shareability. An explainer video spiced up with animation is even more attractive to users. It encourages them to share it across social channels.

Brand awareness

Explainer video marketing is an actionable practice that can help you boost brand awareness. Businesses can promote their logos, company’s values, and other brand identity details in an animated video on social media or websites to build a remarkable online presence.
Video for marketing examples
2D/3D Frame by Frame Animation
2D/3D Frame by Frame Animation
2d/3d Frame by Frame Animation
2D Motion Graphics with Characters
2D/3D Frame by Frame Animation
2D Motion Graphics
What makes our marketing videos resonate with your audience?

Drive omnichannel engagement

Attract your audience’s attention with vibrant and engaging animated video content from a video explainer company. Provide an emotional appeal to customers and make a powerful first impression of the brand.

Increase brand awareness

Increase brand awareness via explainer video business and build an influential image in the online world using inspiring animated explainer videos.

Present your products and services

Describe your product’s mission and functionality in an animated explainer video. It can help introduce your services or business concepts innovatively.

Generate leads and conversions

Animated explainer video can help not only engage your target audience but also convert viewers into loyal customers and partners.

Support your customers

Create a digital library or self-service portal where customers can find professional explainer videos with the answers to the most frequent questions and get high-quality assistance.

Create an engaging sales pitch

Use animated explainer videos to spice up your sales pitch. Introduce innovative ideas and explain complex concepts to your customers, partners, and investors engagingly.

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